Dr Deirdre McCloskey on Isn’t Capitalism Basically Corrupt? 01/16/10 RFM

* Isn’t Capitalism Basically Corrupt? * A Very Special Interview with Dr. Deirdre McCloskey, Distinguished Professor of Economics, History, English and Communications at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Deidre is a Significant Scholar on the history of Capitalism. She has been writing for decades on the connection between Ethics and Capitalism.  Her book Bourgeois Virtues presents what the mainstream press calls ‘the radical notion’ that Capitalism is Good For Us, that Markets Improve Ethics and that Capitalism has made us better as well as richer. We also have Dr. Art Carden, Professor of Economics at Rhodes College, in Memphis, TN as our Special Commentator and Contributor for this show. This interview provides wonderful background of How Capitalism – Real Free Trade Capitalism – causes us to live in a safer, more generous and more wealthy society.  Hosted by Michael McKay.

(Due to technical issues the sound quality of this interview is challenging. However the content makes it worth the effort.)

Play mp3 here RFM Deidre McCloskey Final 011610

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