Dr Thomas DiLorenzo on Stateless but not Lawless 09/20/10 RFM

** Stateless but not Lawless: Myths of Violence in the Old American West **  Exclusive Interview with Dr Thomas DiLorenzo.  This show will change your understanding of American History and you will never be able to hear the words, ‘Wild West‘ again without saying to yourself “No, they were not!.  Specifically, you will learn that *Law and Order did not (and does not) require a Government at all.  *The Old West was mostly Peaceful UNTIL the US Government arrived and perpetrated the genocide of the American Indians. This interview will cause you to Unlearnwhat we all have been taught through television and movies; a foundational show. Hosted by Michael McKay.

P.S. You can read Dr. DiLorenzo’s scholarship here:


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