Mr. Patrick Barron on Learning Reality Economics From Ludwig von Mises Himself, a discussion of the great book Human Action 10/22/11 RFM

** Learning Reality Economics From Ludwig von Mises Himself, a discussion of the great book Human Action ** with Mr. Patrick Barron and Mr. Cole Cheney

Written in 1949 Ludwig Von Mises’ magnum opus Human Action is the seminal work that put in motion the Austrian Economic Revolution.

Are there Universal Economic Laws that do not change just because we have crossed political borders?

If so, what are they and are they independent of Time, Culture or Geography?

How are Bailouts of Businesses handled differently in Capitalist versus Socialist Economies?

Can wars be prevented by free trade?

Ludwig Von Mises said that if a man wants to be free then he needs to study Economics otherwise his freedoms and his property rights will be constantly eroded. Why is this? And How does this happen? 

Can just anyone, even a novice to Austrian Economics, read Human Action and understand it?

Cole Cheney, a senior at the University of Iowa, who read this great book this past summer answers these questions.
Cole has been a student of Patrick Barron, an instructor at the University of Iowa who teaches the course "An Introduction to Austrian School Economics". 
If you are just learning about Austrian Economics, you will find why you too should consider reading Human Action yourself (which you can do for free at
Austrian Economics is appropriately called Reality Economics. It unlocks the key to understanding the world and its institutions.
Please join us on Saturday, October 22nd, to learn from the writings – and logic – of Ludwig von Mises.  You will understand why this book is widely appreciated as one of the greatest economics books of all time.  With Show Creator and Guest Host Mr. Patrick Barron

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