**The World No One Will Tell You is Possible- The Logical Basis for Rejecting Intellectual Property** 3/16/12

Is intellectual property real property?

Advocates of free markets and property rights agree on many issues. However, intellectual property is one of the most contentious issues amongst property rights proponents.

We discuss this issue with Jeffrey Tucker. His new book It’s a Jetsons World
helps introduce the reader to a relatively new understanding of nonscarce goods-and why intellectual property laws need to be abolished.

Jeffrey Tucker is a person who truly comes around once in a generation. His relentless optimism, biting criticism, and eloquent praise for the beauty of liberty and markets could turn even the most hardened statist into a liberty-loving advocate of free and voluntary interaction.

Few can expound on the beauty of markets and the free society better than Jeffrey Tucker. Please listen to the show and share widely!

Play mp3 here    RFM_Jeff_Tucker_Final_032012

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