Godfrey Bloom on the euro’s failure as the path to a centralized, undemocratic Europe

Ballet BoxIn this under four minute video Godfrey Bloom, member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, explains the obvious–that the euro was doomed from the start and those who advocated it knew that it could not succeed without a centralized fiscal policy, meaning a centralized European government.  From the very beginning of what is now the EU, with the establishment of the European Coal and Steel Community in the early 1950’s, there were explicit calls for the a centralized European government and an end to national governments.  The problem is that few people in Europe, outside of a political elite who would benefit via jobs and perks, actually want a centralized European government.  That is why there are so few referendums and, when the people are asked about joining a centralized European state, the answer always is NO.

Please see Godfrey’s latest speech – http://tinyurl.com/ou25k87

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