Unbreakable Union: Lessons Learned from the Demise of the Soviet Union

Dr. Yuri Maltsev

This audio presentation of a paper prepared by Dr. Yuri Maltsev, Senior Fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and delivered by Michael McKay of RadioFreeMarket.com discusses the lessons that we can learn from the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Dr. Maltsev worked as an economist on Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev’s economic reform team before defecting to the United States in the summer of 1989. He is the editor of the book Requiem for Marx and teaches economics at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

This paper was delivered at the Mises Institute’s Austrian Scholars Conference in March 2011 by Michael McKay, at Dr. Maltsev’s request. 15:24 min

Please listen here    Unbreakable Union Lessons Learned from the Demise of the Soviet Union

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